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Marmalade Boy

Okay, what the heck? It’s like, episode 16 and NOTHING has happened between Yuu and Miki! 

They talk like, twice in the whole show! MIKI. JUST PICK GINTA. He actually talks to you!! 

It’s like Bella Swan all over again! AHKFHiogoinasdo;fdoJhkhfkdghilh!!!


And another thing! Why are the school uniforms puke green? Not appealing, whoever made that choice! And their hair colors! It’s not like you never saw the colored version of the characters! Miki has black hair, not red, and what’s-her-name is a blond, why the cuss does she have BLUE hair? 

Whatever! My high hopes for the show have been crushed. Back to only reading the manga. ;^;